William Morgan

Software Engineer

William Morgan
What makes me different

I believe software development is an art rather than a science. Once you learn the tool’s, writing elegant code is can be compared to an artist gliding a brush across a canvas. Getting code to work is much different than giving the end user a pleasurable experience. Attention to detail is everything and putting in the extra time is worth the effort.

I consider myself a mid-level full stack developer looking for an opportunity in the Central New Jeresy area.

William Morgan
Freehold, NJ, 07728
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Work Experience

County of Monmouth

March 2001 - Present

Principal Programmer (Software Engineer)

I started as a web developer in the Application Development team and worked more into a AppOps role where I oversee change management and guide projects through the testing phase. I still work on applications during idle times, taking on small projects and support legacy applications. We are a mid-sized ITIL compliant shop that supports 53 inhouse applications and large array of third-party products.


  • Responsible for the design, development, and implementation of custom web-based applications.
  • Meet with stakeholders and gather requirements
  • Attend regular design meetings, guide projects through the test phase, and write documentation.
  • Build bridges between third party applications to share data between them.
  • Convert legacy applications into SQL Server web-based applications.
  • Delegate work assignments, train new employees and assist other developers.
  • I oversee change management for 53 inhouse applications
  • Responsible for managing all the CIs within the Application Development team.
  • Write all deployment packages that are installed by the NetOps unit.
  • I’m often asked to build small, temporary applications that collect data and generate reports.
  • I am responsible for the back end of the County and Park System websites as well as the content management system used to manage the websites.


  • Content Management System: I designed, build and deployed a custom CMS used to update several county owned websites. Work started in 2004 and project was completed in 2005 and is still in service today. The CMS currently manages over 2500 web pages on 3 county websites and over 12,000 PDF documents.
  • Project Management System: The county needed a custom Project Management System to be used by people with entry level computer skills and tailored to the county’s method of project management. I designed and built the project in 2008 and it stayed in production for 11 years. During its time in production, it was used on over 300 projects and logged over 40,000 tasks.
  • Security Scheduler: Developed a scheduling application used by the security department at Monmouth County. Supervisors need a tool that allowed them to quickly build 28-day schedules for a 50-person team.
  • Developed a work order system used by Monmouth County Park System to track repairs and maintenance of their parks.
  • Worked with our NETOPS team to design and build a high availability infrastructure used with internal web applications.
  • Developed a vacation scheduler used by 3 county departments. Employees can request time which goes through a two-tier approval process.


Brookdale Community College

Associate Degree Computer Science -- 3.8 GPA


Professional Development

  • Rutgers University Continuing Studies: Certificate in Mobile Web Development 32 CEUs
  • Ocean County College: Introduction to PHP and MySQL
  • Advanced Concepts Training: Oracle 10g PL/SQL Introduction
  • Accelerated Learning: Modern Web Design with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Pluralsight: completed 14 courses on various web development technologies.

Skill Set

Stored procedures, triggers, views, UDF’s
IIS configuration and deployment
C#, VB, Web Forms, MVC, Classic ASP
Conceptual database modeling, design, and indexing
Crystal Reports, SSRS, ASPOSE
HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, React, jQuery, Bootstrap
Lightsail, Route 53, Amazon SES

Personal Projects

Farm Statistics

I started farmstatistics.com as a hobby in 2011 to help local farmers manage their crops. Today, Farm Statistics is a free to use, full featured SaaS that contains 10 modules that provides users with over 50 functions to help farmers manage their crops, buildings, equipment, and land. Farm Statistics is a .NET / SQL Server application that runs on AWS LightSail.

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Grower Log

Grower Log is a free website that is a scaled down version of Farm Statistics geared towards advance gardeners, ornamental growers, and greenhouse operations. It is less complicated than Farm Statistics and only contains 2 modules. Farm Statistics can be overwhelming for new users and Grower Log offers a simpler interface to work with.

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